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World's #1 Skin Lightener & Dark Spot Corrector, Shipping to Singapore and Around the World!

Meladerm is Not Sold in Retail Stores in Singapore, Please Order Online as We Do Ship to Singapore!

It was not a fluke or sheer twist of fate when Civant Skin Care decided to develop its revolutionary skin lightening product amid the stifling competition in the spring of 1999. All hands were on deck to ensure that this formula came out as effective as intended and also safe for all and sundry. For such a simple and beautiful idea, the research and development to arrive at that ingenious product was on a colossal scale. Eventually, the product was named Meladerm. This births forth the industry’s most cutting edge technologies and research. The teeming public finally had it at their beck and call in the fall of 2003, after series of tests and trials. As the innovative ideas began to pour in, our R&D team never rested on their oars; they kept improving Meladerm to the advanced stage it is right now.

How Does Meladerm Work?

Meladerm works through the combine process of the most active and beneficial ingredients. Natural extracts makes the most of the active ingredients, for example Mulberry, Licorice and Bearberry plants. 

At Civant Skin Care, your safety is our watchword. You can be rest assured that our products are devoid of mercury, steroid, hydroquinone and several other harmful bleaching substances.

Melanin is a natural pigment responsible for skin color. It is made from a special kind of cytoplasmic organelles referred to as melanosomes. The conversion of amino acid tyrosine to melanin takes place in the melanosomes, which is catalyzed by the enzyme tyrosinase. The active melaosomes are the ones in the darker areas of the skin; those in other areas are less active. When you adopt an approach that targets this process in several ways, you stand a chance of achieving a good result—dealing with melanosomes alongside the enzyme tyrosinase.

 The process requires the dedication of time and patience if you wish to fade dark skin spot in a natural way and have a more alluring complexion. When Meladerm is used alongside exfoliation agents, an initial results is experienced within 2weeks of application, but full results comes to bare in 2-3 months, which varies depending on skin physiology and condition.

Why is Meladerm so Unique?

So many skin lightening products have dominated the market space and have made a big statement for themselves. Even creams with active ingredient such as Meladerm abounds. The big question now is: Why is Meladerm so unique? The answer is not far fetched—research. You may encounter at some point a low grade product with similar constituents or ingredients as Meladerm, but that does not guarantee its efficacy. To explore the potentials of the active ingredients, proper care should be applied during the manufacturing process, for example Kojic Acid deteriorates easily in the presences of light and air. Shelf life of the ingredients and must preserved and carefully stored using vacuum desiccators. The Civant team goes the extra mile to filter all active ingredients and extracts to attain a high quality.

Base ingredients are quite essential in the creation of a product—just as the active ones. Selecting proper carriers and liposomes is also essential to ensure the absorption of active ingredients deep into the skin. To reduce the effects of irritation, preservatives and moisturizers should be always be included.

The active ingredients in Meladerm are of the highest concentration and are well tolerated by the skin. The formula has been quite effective due to the use of special base ingredients and actives of very high quality. That is why Meladerm stands out amongst our competitorsof skin lightening creams in Singapore.

The Technology of Airless Dispensing

 With the use of innovative technology, airless pump can dispense its content. The concept of vacuum and piston is being explored to the fullest in the dispensing process while relegating the traditional style to the background, which pushes air right into the container to force product outward. The product is expelled from the orifice by the action of the piston when the pump is pressed. Contaminating the product with air is one of the goals the process seeks to achieve.

The high cost of manufacturing airless dispensers has made it above the reach of many and very rare in the consumer market. In dealing with sensitive ingredients, sun and air are quite critical and can really be damaging. Efficacy is lost when products like Kojic Acid and Arbutin are oxidized to air, making it difficult for it to be highly effective. And this is where most manufacturers falter. Even as the manufacturing cost poses a setback, airless system will provide you with optimal protection for those ingredients that can be oxidized with extended exposure to light or air

Uses of Meladerm 

Meladerm is used for hyperpigmented skin reduction in the region of the face or body. It is used also in the achievement of a more uniform skin tone by suppressing the appearance of uneven areas and dark spots. Meladerm can be used on the body or face for specific areas, which are as follows:

  • Dark discolorations or hyperpigmentation
  • Frecles
  • Suntans / Sun damage
  • Chloasma or Melasma 
  • Acne marks
  • Old scars
  • Birthmarks
  • Irregular skin tones
  • Dark knees, knuckles, elbows, etc

Meladerm is to be used topically and not to be ingested by any means or even used in the mouth or eyes. This cream was not developed for the prevention or treatment of any disease; hence it is not a drug.


 Make sure the skin is properly washed and dried. Apply the cream on the affected parts two times daily. Ensure the cream is completely absorbed into the skin by massaging. If used after exfoliating scrub, best results can be achieved. As it is usually advised, consult a dermatologist before use if you have any serious medical condition. And if it is intended for the long haul, make sure it is done under the supervision of medical practitioner.

  • Apply in the morning and at night once respectively to achieve best results.
  • The use of wide spectrum sunblock of SPF 30—or higher--- is strongly advised.
  • Apply makeup and/ or sunblock 10 minutes after use.
  • Ensure the exposure to heavy sunlight is limited. And tanning beds and/or sun lamps should be avoided.
  • Specifically for topical application; not to be in the mouth or eyes.
  • To be stored directly away from sunlight in a cool and dry area.
  • Container should not be dismantled to prevent the oxidation of the product by light and air.

Meladerm is devoid of mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, or parabens and sells for $49.95 USD... As of this writing Meladerm cream price in Singapore is 70.23 Singapore Dollars - (Please check today's exchange rate for the current Meladerm cream price in Singapore Dollars)
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