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Melader Malaysia

Meladerm Malaysia

World's #1 Skin Lightener & Dark Spot Corrector, Shipping to Malaysia and Around the World!

Meladerm is Not Sold in Retail Stores in Malaysia, Please Order Online as We Do Ship Direct from the Factory to Malaysia for the Lowest Price!

Back in the springtime of 1999, the team behind Civant embarked on a quest to produce the most potent whitening product for our company. This formulation was not just intended to be potent, but also without any damaging bleaching ingredients. While the idea was not so difficult, the research and innovation to come up with this kind of a product were unexpectedly rigorous. Every single potential element was taken into consideration in developing this exceptional formulation. When it was finally completed, the product was formally called Meladerm®. This unique formulation contained the industry's most recent research as well as the most advanced of innovations. And having spent four years trying and testing the formulation, it eventually became available to the general populace in the autumn of 2003. Ever since our Research& Development Team have not stopped their constant work of enhancing the formulation with brand new innovations thereby turning Meladerm® to the most innovative formulation currently available in Malaysia.
So how exactly does Meladerm® function?

The color of your skin is derived from a natural pigment known as melanin. This melanin is produced in unique cytoplasmic organelles known as melanosomes. The enzymatic transformation of tyrosine which is an amino acid to melanin is enhanced with the help of the enzyme tyrosine located inside the melanosome. This melanosome present in darker parts of the skin is generally more active compared to those present in other regions of the human body. Hyperactive melanosomes are also able to trigger noticeable hyperpigmentation on the skin like melisma, aging spots, as well as other kinds of marks.

To minimize the outbreak of hyperpigmentation, Meladerm® functions by incorporating the adequately recognized attributes of the extremely potent skin brightening extracts. Most of the functional materials in the formulation are obtained from naturally occurring ingredients such as Licorice, Mulberry, Licorice and also Bearberry plants. Civant Natural Skin Care takes your safety into consideration above any other thing. Our products do not contain a single dose of hydroquinone, steroids, mercury, or various dreadful bleaching ingredients.

Why is Meladerm® exceptional?

There are certainly numerous skin brightening products currently in the marketplace. Maybe you might even come across creams which have similar active materials like Meladerm®, and you might just be wondering; what exactly makes the Meladerm® formulation so exceptional? To put it briefly, research! While a product of low quality might contain identical materials, it doesn't ensure its efficiency. To be able to exploit the real potential of the active materials, exceptional care has to be applied while the product is being manufactured. Air and light can readily damage materials such as Kojic Acid.

Additional ingredients should be cautiously kept in vacuum desiccators so as to maintain their lifespan. In addition, the Civant team applies excellent effort and hard work to micronize and even cleaning every one of our active extracts and ingredients for exceptional effectiveness. Many manufacturers of low-grade products will never take these kinds of safety measures  

Whenever manufacturing a product, the basic ingredients have the same level of significance like the active ingredients. It is therefore essential to select appropriate liposomes and carriers to make sure that the skin absorbed the active ingredients deeply. Additionally, it is advisable to integrate efficient preservatives and moisturizing creams to guarantee the barest skin discomfort. Meladerm® consists of the optimum concentrations of active ingredients within the tolerance range of the skin. The application of unique base extracts together with superior active ingredients is exactly what produces the real potency of the formulation and distinguishes us from other brands.

If used with exfoliation ingredients, Meladerm® usually delivers preliminary enhancement within one month of usage. Maximum results usually occur between 2 to 3 months and will differ depending on the skin type of the individual. New buyers are provided massive 30 days to try out the product and there is an iron –clad Money- Back Guarantee after this period on every first purchase made. 

Exactly how is Meladerm® applied?

When you have washed and dried your skin, apply a fair quantity over the specific area two times each day. Rub carefully until the lotion is totally absorbed. Just as with any skin treatment products, kindly seek advice from a dermatologist before using in case you have any kind of health issues or other worries. Persistent usage of any product must be supervised by a health care professional. Carefully study the comprehensive instructions and safety measures on product packaging before usage. 

  • Rub Civant once when you wake up and once each night for optimum results. 
  • The usage of an extra broad spectrum ultra-ray protection of SPF 30 (or greater) is highly advised. 
  • Excessive exposure to the sun should be minimized. Steer clear of using sun lamps/ tanning beds.
  • Just for external use only and must not be swallowed or applied in the mouth or eyes.

Keep away from the eyes. A few users might experience skin discomfort or side effects caused by hypersensitive reactions or skin allergies. In case irritation appears, stop using and seek the advice of a health care professional. Spot assessment for skin irritation on the hand or neck before applying the product on the face. Avoid using in case you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding. Not advised for children below 12 years old, only for external use.

As of this writing the price for Meladerm cream in Malaysia is approximately 214 Malaysian Ringgits - (Please check today's exchange rate for the current price)

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